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Lisa Gordon

Director of Innovation and Media at California Curb Appeal Real Estate Specialist and an active board member of the Cedar House Life Change Center. She helps with raising funds for the nonprofit organization on a regular basis. She is known for joining Cedar House during the holiday season by handing out AA books to clients.

Lisa is an employee of California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) as the Marketing Manager in the College of Business. She is always seen helping students on a daily basis and is often seen as a mother on campus. She is ready to help students, faculty and fellow staff alike whenever needed.

At CSUSB, she a diversity trainer as well as an Eat & Be Well steering committee member. Through the Eat & Be Well program, they serve Thanksgiving meals to those less fortunate.

The Happiness Whisperer, a social media services company was created by Lisa. She tries to make an impact on the people she meets every day with her positive energy, great personality, and joyful spirit. Lisa is truly the definition of a people person and has built relationships throughout her life.

Lastly, Lisa is a Co-Founder of the “Embrace the Change” event. The event, Embrace the Change, is hosted by CSUSB’s School of Social Work. It celebrates mental health month by engaging not only CSUSB but the community in an event of bright colors, community and inspiration.

Lisa once stated that,

Embrace the Change is about moving forward with hope and healing. This is a University, Community, and Countywide event being held in May annually on the library lawn of CSUSB that promotes mental wellness, embracing change, hope for the future, and healing from the past.

This event was something that came about after a young woman jumped from a 3rd-floor colony on campus and she laid with her on the ground praying and rubbing her back. She was giving her words of comfort before she passed away later in the hospital.  The “Embrace the Change” event includes wellness resources, inspirational speakers and the spectacular and colorful ‘Parade of Flowers’.

Overall, Lisa is known for her constant support and work with nonprofit organizations. If she can, she’d bring everyone together to support every cause out there but she chooses those that are dear to her heart due to family, friends and past experiences.

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Lisa is exceptionally professional and sweet. She is great at what she does and excels in every possible way. Her social media experiences have gained her fantastic position at a great university and a fantastic director of social media at the Inland Empire Homeowners Club. Working with her has been a pleasure.

Marina Kamel

Lisa does professional social media marketing for the Marketing Department at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) and is also the director of social media marketing for the Inland Empire Homeowners Club.  Lisa dedicates vast marketing expertise and years of proven-method experience.

Bobbi Albano

 I can’t say enough about Lisa Gordon and all that she brings to the table. Lisa has been sitting on the Project Boon (Eat & Be Well) steering committee or helping out with this event since its inception. She is always motivated and enthusiastic about supporting our efforts and giving back. Lisa is and would […]

Christopher Suchánek

Lisa Gordon is an asset to the CSUSB Marketing Department. Her knowledge and research regarding Social Media applications is on point.  Being that Lisa is a ‘social person’, the translation to this digital medium is second nature. Her warm persona and approachability is what makes becoming part of the CSUSB Marketing concentration at CSUSB such […]

Eric Hutchins

Lisa is a superb professional …detail-oriented coordinator with a fabulous personality and warm smile! I’d highly recommend Lisa for almost any type of marketing or services project contemplated. Feel free to contact me directly if desirous of any verbal/written recommendation.

Michael A. Ocasio
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